Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr. Tracey Weighs In On: Drinking Water

Did you know that water is scientifically proven to help boost weight loss? You should be drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This number may seem overwhelming, but there are some fun and simple tips to achieve this amount—with some added benefits of their own.

1.       Add natural flavor. When adding these flavors to your water, make sure to let it sit overnight to get the full advantages. Feel free to mix and match to create a variety of yummy flavors and health benefits.

·         Lemon is a natural energizer with multiple health benefits. It can boost your immune system, speed up your metabolism, flush out toxins, and much more!

·         Fresh, crushed mint has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help with bad breath and oral hygiene.

·         Cucumber gives water a refreshing taste while also helping with body detoxification, anti-aging, oral-health, digestion, and much more.

2.       Eat water-rich foods. By adding more water-rich foods to your diet, you can increase your overall water intake without having to drink all 64 ounces.

·         Cucumbers, celery, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and red cabbage all contain around 90% or more of water per volume.

3.       Time it. Drinking water at the correct times can maximize its benefits. For the most effective use of water on the human body, try these easy ideas.

·         2 cups after waking up will help activate internal organs and jump start your metabolism.

·         1 cup 30 minutes before a meal helps with digestion and portion control.

4.       Need extra help drinking water? Try these tips.

·         Always have a water bottle on hand.

·         Drink a cup every time you go to the bathroom.

·         Buy a water bottle that you really like and fill it up/finish it at least once a day.

·         Set hourly alarms to remind you to drink up.

·         Warm water can be used as an appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay. Add lemon!

·         People often confuse hunger with thirst. When you think you are hungry, drink a few cups of water to suppress your appetite.

By drinking more water, you can significantly improve your energy levels, aid weight loss, improve skin, flush out toxins, save calories, and so much more! For more tips and tricks, join our Facebook group, ‘Results are Typical’ for your daily dose of motivation and support!

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