Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Planning to Succeed is a Successful Plan

The anxiety hit me right away.  Friends that I haven't seen for 10+ years were going to be in NYC for a few nights and they wanted to get together for a play and dinner.  Yes, I would love to....except, I'm cranking along with Phase 1 and I really don't feel like throwing a curve ball into my perfectly executed diet.  Why~oh~why does something always seem to sabotage my successful momentum? The choice was clear...be antisocial and stay home or enjoy a night in the city and make a plan to be successful.

I went with the latter.  I quickly suggested we eat at a great steakhouse, this way no one would know I chose it because of my restricted diet.  I looked at the menu ahead of time and knew exactly how and what I would order.  When everyone was picking at the bread basket, I would sip a hot water with lemon, just to keep busy. I also made sure to be the first one to order when the waiter came, in order to avoid being swayed by everyone else's selections.  The plan went perfectly, my steak was delicious and the asparagus was the best I've ever had.   The nice part was that our conversation lingered for so long, that no one ordered dessert, since we had to run in order to get to our show on time.

I really enjoyed the show...not only because it was a great comedy but also because I was so proud of the decision I made to stick with my plan no matter what..and I had succeeded...until....after the show.  Wait, I didn't plan for this!  I thought we were going straight home!  What about the babysitter?  We really just needed to go straight home!

Nope...that's not how this night was ending.   "Why not take a walk together on the way back to the parking garage?" my husband, the food pusher, suggested. "Oh, and there's a great cupcake shop called Magnolia's on the way.  Why don't we stop in for the dessert that we missed."   Oh no, this was not in my plan.  I    L   O   V    E   Magnolia cupcakes.  I can rationalize in my head why I should eat them every day of the week.  But I needed to stay strong.  I kept reminding myself of what I would feel like after I ate the cupcake.  That's a place I didn't want to go.

So, I went for the walk.  I went into the shop.  I smelled the sugary air and wondered (out loud) if just breathing in the smell of that shop could take me out of ketosis. I got lost in the snaking line that overwhelms that bakery and decided to sneak out the door and wait for everyone outside.

I did it. I walked out.  I was strong. I made it through my toughest temptation unscathed. I worked on my "resistances muscles" that night and weakened my "giving-in" muscles. I felt so proud standing outside Magnolia's with nothing in my hands or mouth.

It was a night filled with great company, nourishing food, and a terrific show.

It was all worth it!

I'm worth it!

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