Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stocking Up At Costco...the IP Way

I have off on Thursday mornings, so I often use my work and kid-free time to stock up on IP staples that I will need to make my upcoming weekend a low carb success story.  Today, while doing my usual shopping order, I decided to make a list of my go-to Costco items.  So here it goes...take a look at what's in my shopping cart...

From the Butcher:

I must confess, I really wish that I liked fish...but no matter how it's dressed up...I just can't.
That said, I have heard Costco is a great place to pick up all things fish! 

These next two items are definitely my favorite Costco finds.  I use the salsa as the "Pico De Gallo" that Janeva calls for in lots of her recipes (ex: mocamole). I also use the salsa straight up with some IP Garlic & Herb Chips. 
It's a must have for your fridge!

My Faves:

This is THE STOCK!!!  Everyone asks me if they can sip on stock when they are hungry ...or add it to their soup... or use it in recipes...and my answer is always 
"only if you can find a 0 carb stock".  
This is always the stock that I "stock-up" on this stock.  
I do!


I find buying cauliflower that is already prepped increases the odds of me making it...even on nights when I.just.can'  I do love making caulirice, caulimashed and caulisoup, so buying this prepped bag makes my life much easier.  

Asparagus is one of the easiest veggies to cook...and I'm into a few nights a week, asparagus it is in my house.  Plus, asparagus is one of the main ingredients in, my favorite, mockamole.

So, that's my Costco run.  
I'd love to hear your Costco IP secrets too.  
Please comment on what you have found in the aisles of Costco that have made 
Phase 1 easier for you.


  1. Love how you share what you buy from Costco. I have been on the fence about getting a membership since I didn't really use the last year I bought. I think I really need to though and make the time to really explore! By the way, what does IP mean?

  2. Hi Tracey, I'm embarrassed to say - I don't do Costco. I'm an impulse buyer and there are just too many money saving opportunities for me there that it just would not be good in the long run. I don't do any grocery shopping - safer for me to pay someone else to go and take a list - they never ever stray from the list!

    I get very excited by the savings and clean food I see other people enjoying from Costco. Great article! I hear you on the fish too. I keep trying to like salmon - but no matter how hard I try - the flavor is still the same :)_

  3. Thanks for sharing. We have a BJ's membership and while there are some great deals, it's a bit of a distance. I'm inspired to plan out a bulk store visit to pick up some staples. As a vegan, those veggie buys look excellent!

  4. Hi, Tracy -
    I just so happen to be going to Cost-Co this evening! Needless to say I will be picking up and exchanging some items!