Thursday, October 1, 2015

Outside the Box October

October is an amazing month to focus on weight loss. 

There's nothing in your way...and still about 80 days left until the holidays!!

For the next month I am going to be focusing on variety! Everyday I am going to share with you my rendition of a recipe idea from Janeva's Ideal Recipe's Facebook Page or from her new must-have cookbook (available on her site or in our clinic). I hope to inspire you to try a new dinner or veggie or to "shake-up" your usual shake. 
Let's think "Outside the Box" this October...and race to the end of the year together!

Day 1~ Outside the Box October

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Why have plain old maple oatmeal when you can add a taste of fall to your morning? 
What a great way to kick off the first day of October!

***Due to copyright, Janeva asked that I only reference the page number on which these recipes can be found.

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