Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You Had Me at "Cookies"

I've been meaning to try Janeva's Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal Cookies for a few weeks now...and I am so happy that I finally found the 12 minutes to make them.  
They did NOT disappoint.

Check out page 41 of her cookbook for the simple recipe.  The only Ideal Protein packet that it requires is the Maple Oatmeal...so these cookies, all 6 of them, equal 1 unrestricted! Warm cookies and only 1 unrestricted...now you're talking my language!

Janeva's Ideal Recipes Cookbook is available in our office our office and ***For more recipes like this visit Janeva’s Ideal Recipe Cookbook – Phase 1 on Facebook or www.janevasidealrecipes.com.  A portion of the proceeds will support Samuel’s House Foundation, a non-profit charity helping disadvantaged children and those in need of a nice meal on their plate every day. 

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