Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'll Just Grab This For Lunch....

It happens with minimal warning, and right before our eyes, yet we don't see it. Until.... our favorite jeans don't fit.

Weight Gain.
Whether you are busy managing the work/life balance, clearing the last bit of macaroni and cheese from a child's plate, or quickly grabbing a slice of pizza on the run, these little habits add up. The protein-less calories slowly show themselves in our waists, thighs, faces and even feet. Sometimes it's a bad habit, other times, it's because we're rushing, and sometimes it's just having another small piece of cake because today is a day to celebrate.
The problem is that the body becomes so used to eating these types of foods that it learns to crave them. And when the cravings are there so is the hunger-- the feeling that you are starving and need a larger portion of whatever you are eating.  Or maybe you need a snack. Or maybe your day is not complete without dessert.  What ever the cause, the end result is an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to not just weight gain but high blood pressure, blood sugar disorders, and high cholesterol.
If you love your life and want to be healthy, it's time to take control. Even if you can't just drop every bad food or bad food habit tomorrow, start small. Start with only having alcohol on the weekend. Start by cutting pasta, potatoes and rice out of your diet. Eat a salad, or two, every day. These small steps can help you to build and develop healthier habits and prepare yourself for a long term healthier life style. And with that healthier lifestyle, you can find your Ideal Life.
What are, or were, your bad habits? What motivated you to take control?


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