Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome To WINspiration Fridays

Yay! It's Friday! No matter how busy a weekend might be, there is just something special about Fridays!
But.... the weekends can also bring new challenges for anyone building or maintaining an Ideal Lifestyle. Social settings, being out and not having our meals planned, running like a crazy person between sporting activities or, if you're like me, work, can all be potential hazards.
But that doesn't mean giving up on the weekends! With a little planning ahead, you can make it through the weekend without sacrificing all of your hard work and successes from the week.

Be inspired by the way you feel, your increased energy level, the way your pretty party clothes that fit better and better each week.
Pre-pack some cucumbers or celery for a snack, make a salad and stick it in a container, grab a bar on the way out the door, and most important, don't forget your water. Drinking water can help with hunger and keep you going until you can get to healthy food choices.
Fridays are days made of WIN so look for inspiring stories and weekend tips. If you have a story or weekend tip, or recipe, share it with us and we'll spread your inspiration.

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