Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If The Shoe Fits...

That's a very good thing. If it doesn't, then we have a problem.
What are we used to as the most common indicators of weight gain or loss? The scale. Our favorite jeans. Party shoes.
Image courtesy of Tory Burch- Summer Collection

Wait. Shoes?
Yes, shoes.

Our feet are unsuspecting indicators of our weight. And, when thngs get out of control, it can be physically painful to realize your favorite shoes don't fit. But also incredibly useful for paying closer attention to our bodies.
A relatively new dieter emailed me one day to say that her new favorite "party shoes" suddenly fit. Until that moment, she thought the problem was with the shoes and had no idea that her extra weight was the culprit. Now she's quite happy she didn't send them back!
Cinderella said that one pair of shoes can change your life; but having your feet fit in them has little do with a fairy godmother.

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