Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Hide It!

I used to joke about my Halloween to Easter 10 pounds. 
Then it became more and more difficult to get them off once April rolled around.
Now, it's not so funny.

But Halloween and Easter still show up every year, and every year I plan ahead to make sure I get the best goodies for my kids. This is also known as buying candy early and eating it. Then of course, I buy more to replace what I ate and eat that with the kids. See where this is going?

So, here we are, about two weeks away from Easter and Peter Cottontail's goodies are here. Everywhere. In every store. I'm waiting for the PMS attack to give an excuse. It could get ugly. What's a dieter who wants her pretty Easter shoes to fit supposed to do?

Hide It! Hide It! Hide It!
Seriously-- the basement, someone else's closet, the trunk of the car, anywhere not in your every day viewing. Just don't forget where you hiding place is. Then-- go do something else.

Now, you have the best of everything: the best selection of candy and other trinkets as well as knowing that you haven't let yourself down by diving into a whole bag of jelly beans.


  1. Teresa, I feel ya! Holiday candy can make anyone into a bear! I love your insights -- hide it and redirect. For sure! How many times could we find success if we just redirect ourselves?

    I've borrowed my husband's Easter tradition... he's British and grew up receiving a single hollow chocolate Easter egg that has a few goodies inside -- the one's I can get now have individually wrapped packets inside so it's a bit of chocolate, but not too much! The plus side for me is that there is no way I'd shame myself into cracking into those eggs... the kids would know! lol!

    Stay strong, girl! It's great that you've got a plan and I love the redirection message -- such a good tip!

  2. I just don't buy that stuff at all. It may come from school or other events but we do not buy it. It saves both my daughter and I from having to worry about it being in the house. Her Dad also knows we both love organic dark chocolate. :)

  3. I try not to have any of that in the house - then I can't eat it! But such a good point that at certain times of year you might not be able to help it, and have to employ other strategies...

  4. Hiding it can be so helpful as it is a lot easier to avoid the temptation when it is out of sight and out of mind. There are video recorders, but wouldn't it be great if there was a way to record our feelings? That way whenever tempted, we could just revisit how we felt after that last indiscretion!

  5. I buy the candies I don't like so kids can have some treats but prevents me from trying to indulge. I do buy few healthier treats for myself in case i do get a sweet tooth. Try this and let me know if that works.

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