Friday, September 4, 2015

Tips for Staying Healthy this Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend is finally here and there may be many thoughts running through your head. You might have kids getting ready to go back to school (or already have), or you might be excited for the cooler weather to finally come around. Some of us are thinking more in the short term—the annual tradition of Labor Day cookouts with family and friends. If you have been sticking to your individualized weight loss plan or are currently on an Ideal Protein Phase, you may be stressing out about these cookouts. What can I eat? Is it rude not to eat the food that is served there? Can I bring my own food?

We have all had these questions. Labor Day cookouts are supposed to be fun, and now they can be fun AND healthy! There are some tips you can follow that can not only keep you on your weight loss plan, but make cookouts an enjoyable and worry-free time!

Take something with you

Prepare some snacks or a meal to take with you. If everyone else is eating at the cookout, why shouldn’t you? Even simple solutions such as cutting up some celery, pepper strips, or cucumbers to bring with you can be enough to get the job done. If snacks aren’t going to cut it, bring a healthy dish that you enjoy! One idea is to make note of your favorite Ideal Protein Phase Approved recipes and save them just for special occasions, like Labor Day! It will not only give you something to look forward too, but it will also be a delicious and rewarding holiday treat!

Eat Throughout the Day

Usually cookouts take place in the late afternoon or early evening, so the food available there will not be the only meal you eat that day. Eating throughout the day, prior to the cookout, can keep you full and satisfied so you aren’t hungry during the party. You can, of course, still bring food with you, but you should try to eat a well-balanced breakfast, light lunch, and a protein-rich snack to help curb hunger and temptation.

Stay Hydrated

These are two easy things you can do to help take off some of the pressure that comes with eating healthy at cookouts, where food is a major focus. The last tip is an easy one that anyone can do—Stay hydrated! Water is your best friend no matter what day it is, and Labor Day is no different! It can keep you full, energized, and even speed up your metabolism. Drink up and make sure you’re properly hydrated. Your body will thank you!

So this Labor Day, get out there and have a blast. You deserve it!

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