Friday, October 16, 2015

I Said "Hunky Monkey"...Not Chunky Monkey!

I have finally resolved to the fact that I am definitely a sweet over a savory person.  Thank god for Janeva Eickhoff, because she has saved me so many times with her unlimited options for sweet treats that guessed it...unrestricted.

I've been missing that banana and chocolate combo over the past few weeks and Janeva had a perfect substitute for the my old friend Chunky Monkey.  The recipe for Hunky Monkey Cupcakes can be found on page 41 of her new cookbook, Janeva's Ideal Recipes. Within 15 minute my kitchen smelled like an enticing chocolaty banana bread...and the cupcakes did not disappoint!

I iced them using her frosting recipe(found on page 42), but I actually preferred them sans-frosting...or "bald" as my daughter calls them.

My tip is to eat them while they are the chips are all melt-y and skip the frosting!

Janeva's Ideal Recipes Cookbook is available in our office our office and ***For more recipes like this visit Janeva’s Ideal Recipe Cookbook – Phase 1 on Facebook or  A portion of the proceeds will support Samuel’s House Foundation, a non-profit charity helping disadvantaged children and those in need of a nice meal on their plate every day. 

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