Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Tracey...

Wake up!

It's your Summer Body here!

I can't let you deny it any more: you have not been true to your resolution of bringing me out of hiding.

  • Snow storm after snow storm have caused you to bake one-too-many dozen cookies with the kids.
  • You have said "Yes" to one too many dinner invitations
  • You indulged in a fun- and food-filled family vacation
  • You have not been loving yourself enough to make yourself a priority

Your jeans and the scale don't lie.  It's time to stop turning your head to the goals you set for 2014 and get to work!  You know what they say: summer bodies are made in the winter...well, there are only 23 more days left till spring!!!  The time is now.  When you say "yes" to that homemade hunk of chocolate cake, you are saying "no" to yourself and keeping me out of a pretty swim suit or sleeveless tank.

So when that simply wonderful piece of chocolate cake visits you in your thoughts throughout your day, refocus on the summer and think about how disappointed you will be if you surrender and lose focus on me and your goal. 
You've heard your body tell you it wants you to eat cleaner. Remember??? When your knees hurt after climbing stairs, your face breaks out, you sleep poorly and you just have no energy to hang out with the kids at the end of the day.  Those symptoms will leave as soon as you clean up your diet. Then we can go shopping!

So even though you fooled around for the first 58 days of 2014...you still have 307 more days left this year to get it right!

Refocus today and think about great you will feel about yourself this summer!

Love yourself more than that piece of chocolate cake:)


Your Summer Body

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