Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Surival Guide

Finally! It's here.
Spring Break.
Whether you're heading out for a vacation, or hanging around for a staycation, one thing is true:
Routine. Is. Gone.
For us dieters, the lack of routine can make for a very challenging week. It can lead to eating "on the run," social eating, or waiting so long in between meals that a feeling of total starvation settles in.
Whether you're taking day trips or enjoying relaxing mornings or heading some place warm, a little advanced preparation can go a long way to helping you maintain all the work you've done and enjoy a little R&R at the same time.

Be prepared:
Pack a bar or a stash of low sugar veggies for snacking.
Drink all your water! You may need to pull in to a few extra rest stops, but it's worth it.
Go for the salad and add olive oil and vinegar (not balsamic) or travel with a set of the Walden Farms sample dressings.

Remember Your Goals:
Enjoy the new energy you have and don't give in to old habits.
Continue to admire your thinner face.
Every once in a while feel that extra bit of fabric on your clothes to remind you that fat used to be there, but is no longer.

Relax and enjoy:
Remember, you are on vacation. Don't obsess over your weight, but appreciate your success.

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